Crowned Jewels Exotic Shorthairs Kitten Contract


Breed: Exotic Shorthair

Color:__________. Sex:__________

This Kitten is Sold as an: intact kitten Price: is 1800-2500 depending on color per kitten

Number of Kittens in the Litter:_________ Date of Birth:_____________



Buyer(s):______________________ Address:_________________________

Telephone:______________________ Cell:________________________






  1. Buyer(s) agree to maintain the proper veterinary care for the cat/kitten, including all yearly check-ups and vaccinations, as well as, provide proper grooming to keep the cat/kitten happy, matt free, and clean.
  2. Buyer(s) must also provide cat/kitten with proper food and clean water at all times.
  3. WITHOUT SELLER’S WRITTEN CONSENT this cat/kitten will not be given away or resold for any reason. No Exceptions!
  4. This cat/kitten must NEVER be given or sold to any research or testing facility, humane society, shelter, pet shop, or any organizations like it.
  5. In the event the buyer(s) can no longer care for this cat/kitten for any reason it is required that the cat/kitten be returned to the breeder if breeder agrees. No refund or compensations will be made to the buyer. If the breeder does agree to accept the cat/kitten back the cat/kitten must be examined and tested by a licensed veterinarian for the following: The cat/kitten must have a health certificate given with in the last week, tested negative for ringworm by having a culture taken and sent to a licensed lab, have been given a dose of revolution, a negative result for FELV/FIV, a negative fecal with no parasites found, and all medical records along with CFA papers will be transferred back to the breeder (ownership will automatically revert back to the breeder immediately if cat/kitten is returned for any reason). These test and precautions listed above are required to be done for the safety and health of my own cats and animals! Also all vet expenses will be the buyers responsibility including shipping the cat/kitten back if need be. If for any reason the breeder can not take back the cat/kitten for any reason we will be most helpful in finding the cat/kitten a new forever home!
  6. This cat/kitten will NEVER be allowed to roam freely outdoors.
  7. I highly recommend that this cat/kitten NOT be de-clawed. This is an amputation of the tips of the fingers and toes and is an inhumane procedure. My cats and kittens love their little paws just the way they are!
  8. If the buyer(s) violates this contract in ANY WAY, ownership of the cat/kitten will revert back to the seller, and the buyer will be required to return the cat/kitten at buyer(s) expense immediately.


  • Any cats or kittens sold as pets MUST be spayed or neutered within three months from the date of pick up or by 6 months of age. The buyer(s) must prove with a copy of the invoice stating that the cat/kitten spay or neuter has been completed. The invoice must also state the Veterinarian’s name, the licensed veterinarians name who preformed the spay/neuter, the breed, and the color of the cat/kitten. The buyer(s) agrees that this cat/kitten will NEVER be bred under any circumstances. If buyer(s) do not meet the requirements of the Spay and Neuter Policy, an additional payment of $500 will be due immediately if valid confirmation of Spay/Neuter from a licensed veterinarian has not been received by the seller within the three month time period or by 6 months of age. No Exceptions! The seller will send the cat/kitten’s CFA registration papers to the buyer within 30 days of receiving the receipts or invoices(listed above) to prove that the spay or neuter has been completed.


  1. Seller guarantees that this cat/kitten is in good health at time of sale. Buyer(s) must have the cat/kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours from pick up or date of delivery. A copy of the invoice of this examination must be sent to the seller. This cat/kitten is NOT to have ANY contact whatsoever with any other animal in the household until examined. If the cat/kitten is found to be ill with a life threatening disease, the buyer may return the cat/kitten within 72 hours for a kitten of equal value and color when a new kitten becomes available. Failure to have the cat/kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours, will negate this health guarantee and render this contract void. Any vet bills or debts on behalf of this cat/kitten is the sole responsibility of the buyer. No cash refunds for any reason. Seller does not guarantee against fleas, fungus, mites, or any type of parasites as these can be common in kittens and are also very treatable.  However, none of my cats or kittens would ever be sold with me knowing that they have fleas, fungus, mites or any type of parasites. Seller also believes this cat/kitten to be in perfect genetic health and will be replaced with another cat/kitten of equal value and color when available if it should die of a genetic defect within one year of date of birth, as long as the cat/kitten was examined within 72 hours from the date of sale by a licensed veterinarian as described in this contract, and a copy of the receipt of this examination was sent to the seller. Said genetic defect MUST be evident in a necropsy provided by the buyer.
  2. Administration of the FeLV or FIV vaccination will immediately render this contract void.
  3. Any disputes or claims shall be brought to the state of Arkansas and reinstating of Venue will not be allowed in any other state other than AR any disputes or claims will be held ONLY an Arkansas court of the breeders choice. Buyers will be responsible for all cost and legal fees for him or herself as well as the breeder (this includes for breach of contract).
  4. By the buyer(s) signing below, the buyer is stating that he or she has read, understands, and agrees with the conditions and terms within this contract. A $300 dollar deposit is required to hold any cat/kitten and is non-refundable if the buyer(s) decides, at any time, not to purchase this cat/kitten. Deposits are not transferable to any other kitten after the kitten turns 6 weeks old unless there is another available kitten in the same litter. The deposit amount will immediately be deducted from the balance due.

Buyer’s Signature:____________________________ Date:_____________

Seller’s Signature:______________________________ Date:____________