Welcome to Crowned Jewels Exotic Shorthairs

Updated 3/20/24

Crowned Jewels Exotic Shorthairs Kittens and Cats is a small cattery in Eastern Arkansas close to Fort Smith and is managed by the Webb-Morgan Family. After being introduced to the ESH when we adopted a kitten for our adopted sons, Kaleb and Christian, we fell in love with the breed and decided to become hobby breeders.

exotic shorthairs

Crowned Jewels specializes in lilac, chocolate, and pointed colored kittens and cats and we also breed all other colors as well. Chocolates, lilacs, and points are the most rare colors that you’ll find in the ESH. We have taken our time to build our foundation and have purchased top quality kittens and cats from as far away as Europe in Russia and Ukraine to bring you the best quality possible. Please understand that to keep our quality up and to bring you happy, healthy and well socialized kittens that are prices must remain consistent. The range in price depends on color and whether or not breeding rights are purchased and is firm. The cost for a kitten ranges from 1800-3000. A $300 deposit holds your place in line and allows you to pick from a litter. We offer no guarantees related to the amount of time that it’ll take to produce your kitten but we do follow market trends closely to build on our quality foundation. Many of our kittens are purchased prior to being born. See our current available kittens.

Also, we as the owners offer nationwide delivery for the cost of an airline ticket and one night in a hotel.

We value each of you as our customers and strive to provide you with the best service.  Once you have picked your kitten from the litter we will offer you free updates, pictures and videos while your kitten is with us.  This allows you to be part of the kitten stage at an earlier age.

Please take your time to look at our website to see our current and past kittens and cats. Read our blog for what’s new and articles on how we protect our cattery environment and the health of our cats and kittens.

Please always feel free to reach out to us by phone or text at 479-719-8446 or via email at darinpmorgan2023@gmail.com

You may also leave a message on our contact page, that we will answer as quickly as possible. Please also follow us on our Facebook page.